Sunday, July 8, 2012

New House!

Well, its our second night here... I didn't post anything for our first night here because it was just far too hectic here and I was exhausted! So glad that it's almost done and we can sit and relax, enjoy a good book. Speaking of books, I am hoping to get some reading done within the next 24 hours or so... I need to get lost in another world! (This means going through eight boxes of books)

I've decided that as I unpack each box of books, I'm going to create a list of the books I have. Keep things organized.
That's going to be a lot of work! But, it'll be worth it in the end right? Maybe my niece will help me... she is ALWAYS asking me if she can look through my books. This will be good for both of us!

Anyway, it is getting really late and I am exhausted!

Goodnight Everyone!


  1. I hate the packing part way more than the unpacking and bright note, now you can catalogue/organize your book collection. Lol

    1. Yes, the packing is the worst!! Unpacking isn't so bad lol I finally have my books in my new bookshelf and they look fantastic! :D