Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Traditions Part 2 + A Giveaway!


Ada Adams Holiday Post:

The most important holiday tradition for me is spending time with my family. No matter how cold the weather gets, my family always surrounds me with so much warmth. It also helps that my aunt makes the best hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows) in the world! :)

I have always had a busy work or school year, so I do my best to reserve the last two weeks of December for family and friends. It’s not always easy, especially since my career isn’t a nine-to-five/Monday-to-Friday job.

Some of my favorite thing to do around this time of year are:

-       *  Go snowboarding and skiing with my family. My little cousins fly down double-black diamond hills as I slowly follow…sometimes on my butt! I love being the first person on top of the hill early in the morning. It’s a rush to see the world before everyone wakes up and get to carve out my own path in the fresh snow.

-       *  Get away somewhere tropical. I love snow, but dislike the cold so I seek out as much heat as I can during this time of the year! Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. When I was younger, I would spend the entire day in the ocean, writing or acting out stories about being a mermaid. I may still do that…shh!

-        * Hang out with friends. My close friends are like my sisters, so spending time with them during the holidays is very important.

-        * Simply stay inside cuddled up in a blanket and watch holiday movies.

-        * Anticipate my January 11th birthday! The countdown begins on December 11th!

This year, I’m going to try my best to soak in as much family time and relaxation as I can, because 2013 already looks like it will be a very busy year! I have many projects in the works, including Book III in the “Angel Creek” series, a standalone NA contemporary novel that I’m very passionate about (I simply adore the characters!), and a fast-paced, gritty, quirky YA/NA crossover series. I will be releasing more information about each of these projects in March!

I hope that no matter what you're doing this holiday season, it will be a very happy and healthy one for you all!


  1. family is number one at the holidays.

    1. I agree! Family is always #1! ^__^

  2. sent my info to you on friday thank you this is awesome.

    1. You're quite welcome! I have it pkg'd up and it'll be in the mail in the next few days.

      Thanks for entering and congrats again!