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{Book Nerd Tour} He's Gone + Giveaway!

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Hello, and welcome to the next stop in the
He's Gone Book Nerd Tour!

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“What do you think happened to your husband, Mrs. Keller?”

The Sunday morning starts like any other, aside from the slight hangover. Dani Keller wakes up on her Seattle houseboat, a headache building behind her eyes from the wine she drank at a party the night before. But on this particular Sunday morning, she’s surprised to see that her husband, Ian, is not home. As the hours pass, Dani fills her day with small things. But still, Ian does not return. Irritation shifts to worry, worry slides almost imperceptibly into panic. And then, like a relentless blackness, the terrible realization hits Dani: He’s gone.

As the police work methodically through all the logical explanations—he’s hurt, he’s run off, he’s been killed—Dani searches frantically for a clue as to whether Ian is in fact dead or alive. And, slowly, she unpacks their relationship, holding each moment up to the light: from its intense, adulterous beginning, to the grandeur of their new love, to the difficulties of forever. She examines all the sins she can—and cannot—remember. As the days pass, Dani will plumb the depths of her conscience, turning over and revealing the darkest of her secrets in order to discover the hard truth—about herself, her husband, and their lives together.


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Author Bio:
Deb Caletti is an award-winning author and a National Book Award finalist whose books are published and translated worldwide. Her first novel was The Queen of Everything (Simon & Schuster, 2002),of which a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly proclaimed: “This marks Caletti as a writer to watch.” Although written for adults, its coming-of-age themes gained it acclaim as a Y/A book. It made the cover of the esteemed review journal The Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books (the first trade book to do so in the journal’s history), and then was chosen for PSLA’s Top Forty of 2003 and the International Reading Association’s Young Adult Choices for 2004. It is currently in its thirteenth printing.

Deb’s second book, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, was a finalist for the National Book Award. Kirkus called it, “tender and poetic,” and the book earned other distinguished recognition, including the PNBA Best Book Award, the Washington State Book Award, and School Library Journal’s Best Book award. It was a finalist for the California Young Reader Medal and the PEN USA Literary Award, and was also a 2005 IRA Notable Book, an SSLI Book Awards Honor Book, and made the New York Public Library’s Best Books for the Teen Age, Chicago Library’s Best Books of 2004, and the Texas TAYSHA’s list. Her third book, Wild Roses, won acclaim with starred reviews in Publisher’s Weekly, which deemed it, “rich,” and School Library Journal, which said the book was “multifaceted and emotionally devastating,” with “profound observations and vivid language.” It was a finalist for the Washington State Book Award and was chosen as a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age and a RT Book Club Magazine’s finalist for Best Y/A Book of 2005. The Nature of Jade was a summer 2007 Booksense pick, a Books A Million Book Club selection, and was a finalist for RT Magazine’s Best Y/A Book of the Year.

Her fifth book, The Fortunes of Indigo Skye, was released April 2008, followed by The Secret Life of Prince Charming in 2009, The Six Rules of Maybe in 2010, Stay in 2011, and The Story of Us in 2012. In addition, several anthologies include work by Deb, including “First Kiss, Then Tell,” a Bloomsbury anthology benefiting NPR Youth Radio, and two collections of non-fiction critical essays developed by Borders Books: “The World of the Golden Compass” and “Through the Wardrobe: Your Favorite Authors on C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.” In 2013, Deb’s first book for adults, He’s Gone, will be released from Random House.

Deb grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and earned her journalism degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. When Deb is not writing books or reading them, she is a painter and a lyricist, and speaks widely to audiences on writing and life as an author. Deb lives with her family in Seattle.

Top 10 Favorite Things with Deb Caletti

Favorite author (dead or alive): Refuse to answer on the grounds that I just plain love too many.

Favorite Chocolates:  Ooh.  A two-pound box of See’s Milk Chocolate Assorted.  OR, my new favorite, thanks to my son, a dark chocolate Theo (made in Seattle), coffee or chili flavored. 
Favorite books that inspired you to write:  Everything from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to The Collected Stories of Flannery O’Connor.  

Favorite songs to listen to while writing: I don’t listen to music when writing. 

Favorite destination to live?:  Anywhere near the water.  

Musicians/bands/groups: To many to mention.  I have nearly as many CD’s as I have books.  Nearly. 
Favorite movies of all time:  Amelie, Everything is Illuminated, Lost in Translation, Lars and the Real Girl, Love Actually, Gran Torino.  That Christmas movie with the failed elf and the big snow monster.   
Favorite TV program/series?:  The old Gilmore Girls episodes, The old Soprano episodes, Mad Men, The Voice (we’re addicted), just about anything on Food Network. 

Favorite movie moments:  The scene in beauty and the Beast when Beast gives Belle the library.
Favorite Super Villain:  Not favorite, but scariest - The Wicked Witch of the West, in the Wizard of Oz, tied with The White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia.  Shiver.

Favorite gadgets: Well, I’m afraid that if it’s made by Apple, I want it.  I also rather like that floppy round plastic thing that opens jars.
Favorite dream destinations: I’ve never been to Greece, and since I’ve got Greek blood, I’d like to go.  Also, a trip back to Venice.  Someday I’d like to go to Tahiti and stay in one of those cool hotel-huts that hang over the water. 
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