Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Reading Recap

I didn't read as many books as I thought I would last year. When you have an 8 yr old and a 2 yr old, its hard to just sit and read an entire book in one sitting.... or many sittings. Anyway, here is a list of all the books I read in 2013 and what I rated them. Plus links to their Goodreads pages and purchase links.

 photo 5441773_zps60cac9e6.jpg  photo 6693472.jpg  photo 13572197_zps443a364e.jpg
Hush Hush 5/5

 photo 12534860_zps0a4040f3.jpg  photo 13585529_zps57988f1e.jpg photo 13667361_zpsa764811f.jpg

 photo 9662387_zps12b4710c.jpg  photo 14743935_zpsa1a7d3c4.jpg photo 345627-1_zpsb9369881.jpg
Obsidian 5/5

 photo 11235712_zpsd3cce140.jpg  photo 256683_zps238c0a71.jpg photo 13564634_zpsaada880f.jpg
Cinder 5/5

 photo 11044738_zps1de7a37b.jpg  photo 11505797_zps10cb2d0a.jpg photo 13477297_zpsb94f2a71.jpg

 photo 13561963_zps95f1720c.jpg  photo 10222362_zpse33e6b70.jpg photo 15820748_zps8c2fafc1.jpg
Mila 2.0 4/5

 photo 16118288_zps4098286e.jpg  photo 15754052_zpse2abcb6a.jpg photo 16194369_zpsa212a93b.jpg

 photo 18721666_zps0cb38e12.jpg photo 17185049_zps849b5fe3.jpg photo 13649056_zps38d4a012.jpg
Wallbanger 5/5 
Shadow 5/5
Try Me 4/5

 photo 13423346_zps2bf70b95.jpg  photo 6344423_zps690d373b.jpg photo 17381993_zpsa2d8a7e1.jpg
Ink 5/5

 photo 17617277_zps5e585735.jpg  photo 17972398_zps29fbe816.jpg photo 17192862_zpsb1ae030c.jpg
Real 5/5

 photo 18681804_zpsa5fd650e.jpg  photo 7260188_zps5b914d25.jpg
Night Owl 5/5
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So that is what I read last year. My Goodreads goal was set to 50 at the beginning of the year, but I switched it to 35 and ended up reading 36. I'm trying for 60 this year... so we'll see what happens!


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