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{Book Nerd Tour} Shrouded in Darkness Review + Giveaway!

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Heyy everyone!! Welcome to my stop in the 
Shrouded in Blackness tour!!
Today I have a quick review for you as well as a giveaway!!

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Only loyalty can truly win his heart…

Gangs, organized crime and underground bare-knuckle fighting make up the world that Kieran Delaney thrives within. His reputation is built on the talent of his fists, as much as his ability to get information about any and everything. Never one to be caught by surprise or bested, Kieran knows what you’re going to do before you do it…until Darcy Quinlan enters his life. She introduces herself with a knife to his throat and a promise of unbridled pain. Darcy’s life has been destroyed by betrayal and false promises of safety. Living on the streets for the last eight years, she’s has been a ghost. Never in one place long enough to be seen because you can’t catch what isn’t there. Now Kieran sees her and can’t erase her image from his mind.

Kieran and Darcy must now battle to keep her alive and by his side. As her past enters her life from every angle, Kieran makes certain her safety is no longer a concern, annihilating her demons at every corner. He’ll fight, he’ll maim, he’ll torture and he’ll murder to keep Darcy protected. If Kieran can win, her life will no longer be shrouded in blackness…loyalty will lift the veil.

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So, I was asked to review this book on short notice. And even though its the 3rd book in the series, and I hadn't read the previous books, I took a chance on this one. I'm actually really glad that I did too. Shrouded in Blackness, to me, seems like it could be a standalone novel. It has its own characters that are well developed throughout the story. It does mention characters from the previous books. I really liked this book a lot. There was a lot of fast paced action, lots of gruesome slaughtering, and lots of sexual tension! I wasn't really sure what to expect because I jumped right into it without even reading what it was about. 
That doesn't happen often for me. 
Kieran and Quinn aren't like many other characters I've read about. Especially Quinn. She is one helluva badass chick!!! The things she does in this book are beyond human!! And I absolutely love Kieran! His strong primal instincts, his caveman behavior... AH I love it!! 
I think I'll need to read the first 2 books in the series after this though. I'd like to find out how this all began. But overall, I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will too. If you pick it up!

I gave  Shrouded in Blackness 4/5 Butterflies!
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Blackness Takes Over was Norma Jeanne's debut novel. What began as an homage to the home town of a homesick Midwestern girl, unfolded a story of love, danger, humor, and trust. Blackness Awaits was the highly anticipated continuation of Blackness Takes Over, leading readers through the twists and turns of the unconventional world in The Blackness Series. Her third novel, Shrouded in Blackness, ventures into a criminal world where violence and vengeance reign supreme. She's currently working on her untitled fourth novel.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Norma Jeanne recently found herself relocating to the United Kingdom. Now living in Belfast, she took hold of the opportunity to kick the 9-5 job for a chance to become an author. The best part: working from her home office, she gets to spend more time with her cast of crazy characters (written and real).

In her free time Norma Jeanne is a voracious reader and consumes books as readily as meals. She is a people watcher by nature and uses her experiences in life, observed or otherwise, to build the worlds and characters that thrive in her books. A believer in the strength of the human spirit, Norma Jeanne writes the stories of people that persevere when all appears to be lost.

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Giveaway is open to International. | Must be 13+ to Enter

1 Winner will receive a Swag Pack (Postcards, 4GB Flash Drives, Sticky Notes and Pens,
Tote Bags, Signed Copy of Shrouded in Blackness) by Norma Jeanne Karlsson
6 Winners will receive a Postcard by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.
2 Winners will receive a 4GB Flash Drive by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.
3 Winners will receive Sticky Notes and Pens by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.
1 Winner will receive a Tote Bag by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.
1 Winner will receive a Signed Copy of Shrouded in Blackness by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.
5 Winners will receive an E-Copy of Shrouded in Blackness by Norma Jeanne Karlsson.

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