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{Book Nerd Tour} The Devil Drinks Coffee "This or That" + Giveaway!

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Hello!! Welcome to my stop in The Devil Drinks Coffee  blog tour!

 photo DDC_Front_zps514616b1.jpgA cow suicide, a revolving door rescue, and the birth of a bright purple pig are starting to make Kate Saxee wonder if taking a job in her small hometown of Branson Falls, Utah, was such a great idea. As The Branson Tribune editor, Kate covers local news, which, more often than not, involves her accident-prone mom. Nothing truly newsworthy has ever happened in the quiet town until local teen Chelsea Bradford turns up dead in a Branson Falls lake. 

The police rule Chelsea’s death an accident, but Kate suspects there’s more to the story—and she’s not the only one. Two of Branson’s most eligible bachelors are determined to help her solve the crime—among other things. But the small town social network is faster than Twitter, and gossip about Kate’s love-life is quickly branding her the Branson Falls hussy. 

As Kate learns more about Chelsea, she discovers that plenty of people are trying to cover up the real story behind the girl’s death—including Chelsea’s parents. Now Kate has to juggle work, men, her mom’s most recent disaster involving a low-speed John Deere Combine chase on the freeway, and fend off the Mormons heaven-bent on saving her soul—all while solving Chelsea’s murder. Dealing with this is going to require a lot of coffee, chocolate frosted donuts, Neil Diamond's greatest hits, and a slew of words not on the town approved imitation swear list.


 photo Ang_zps43244bb6.jpg About The Author
Destiny Ford is a pseudonym for Angela Corbett. Angela graduated from Westminster College with a double major in communication and sociology. She started working as a reporter when she was sixteen and won awards for feature, news, and editorial writing. She has also done freelance writing. In addition to writing, she works as a director of communications and marketing. She loves classic cars, traveling, cupcakes, and U2. She lives in Utah with her extremely supportive husband and their five-pound Pomeranian, Pippin, whose following of fangirls could rival Justin Bieber's.

She writes adult titles under the name Destiny Ford, and YA/NA titles under the name Angela Corbett. 

“This or That” with Destiny
Paris or Venice-Venice! I LOVE Italy!
Deodorant or Perfume-I’m a fan of both, but if I had to choose, definitely deodorant.
Winter or Summer-Winter! I can put more clothes on if I’m cold, but there’s only so much I can take off when I’m hot.
Vampire Diaries or Twilight-Vampire Diaries! Damon *sigh*
Angels or Demons-I think demons have more fun. J
Fall or Spring-Fall! I love driving through the mountains and looking at the changing leaves.
Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter-Lord of the Rings! I love the books, and went to the midnight showings of every movie.
Ice Cream or Sorbet-Ice cream. Anything chocolate. 
Coke or Pepsi-I actually don’t drink soda. So I pick water!
Cabin in the woods or Condo on the Beach-Ooooo, this one is hard. I like them both for different reasons. But, I think a condo on the beach would be more relaxing.
Kisses or Hugs-Depends on whose giving them! If it’s Damon from Vampire Diaries, or Superman Henry Cavill, kisses please. J
Cash or Card-Card. I rarely have cash on me.
Print or Ebook-For traveling, eBook. For reading at home, print.
Voice or Text-Text!
Batman or Superman-I’ve had a crush on every Superman since Dean Cain, and Henry Cavill is the best Superman yet! So, Superman. But I also loved The Dark Knight.
Wheat or White-Wheat. 
Romance or Passion-I think you need both!

Night or Day-Night. I have less distractions and get a lot more done.

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