Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Q&A & more With Author T.M. Goeglein

Q&A With T.M. Goeglein
1) When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

Around age six I realized that, academically, I was almost a moron. All I’ve ever really loved is reading and writing, and have been doing it since then. Some of those early stories – blackboard erasers attacking teachers, for example – were a little disturbing.

2) If you weren't an author, what would you be doing? 

Bars comes to mind, either working behind one, slinging drinks, or serving time behind them. I’m kidding – sort of.

3) Is there anything in particular about being an author that you like the most? 

The joy of creating a story, and the greater joy when a story satisfies a reader.

4) Where did the idea for Cold Fury come from? 

I’m interested (mystified, alarmed) in the way that women are segregated in American society. There’s nothing as American, or as male-centric, as organized crime. I thought it would be cool to see what happened when an ass-kicking young women infiltrated its ranks.

5) Are you in the Mafia?! (Kidding!) How did you come up with the ice cream creatures? They are quite creepy! 

(Never ask that question again.) The creatures, as otherworldly as they seem, are based on drug addicts I’ve known. Real life is always creepier than fiction.

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Top Five Dream Destinations?
1) Wherever my two little kids are.
2) Orvieto, Italy, in the part of the country called Umbria. Crazy-beautiful!
3) St. Pete Beach, Florida, at the Don Cesar Hotel
4) The tiny hilltop village in Greece where my family came from.
5) Chicago – my dream has come true!


 photo temp5_zps8c71f4b2.png
Coffee or Tea? – Black coffee, strong enough to melt a tongue. I just don’t get tea.

Chocolate or Vanilla? – Hey, you just read FLICKER & BURN, didn’t you? You think I’ll ever eat ice cream again?!

Beach or Forest? – Beach, times ten. 

Early Bird or Night Owl? – How about Early Owl? It depends on if my kids are sleeping and whether or not I’ve boxed that day.

Ocean or Pool? – Both, times twenty.

That was a lot of great answers! Be sure to come back tomorrow for my stop in the Flicker & Burn Blog Tour hosted by Book Nerd Tours!

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